BATM provides the first facility for the recovery of insect proteins

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BATM provides the first facility for the recovery of insect proteins

BATM provides the first facility for the recovery of insect proteins
BATM, a leading provider of real-time technologies for networking solutions and medical laboratory systems, is pleased to announce that Celitron, the subsidiary of the group that is part of the Eco-Med unit, has completed the delivery of the first of its new instrument that restores high-grade protein and insect oils to a world-renowned company focused on the commercialization of insect-based technologies on an industrial scale for the production of raw materials. The entry into a new market segment with the first delivery of this instrument marks a new milestone reached by Celitron in 2020.

The Group's new instrument provides a continuous and automated process for recovering solid proteins and oils from insects, such as worms and flies, which feed on waste. It is based on Celitron's innovative Integrated Sterilizer and Shredder (ISS) technology, which is designed to sterilize and eliminate harmful agricultural and medical waste. The ISS also has the advantage of enabling a streamlined process and is much more cost effective compared to competing solutions.

The customer, who is headquartered in Belgium, recycles the nutrients for insects into valuable products for the raw materials industry. The customer plans to use the solution to produce insect protein powder that can be used as a replacement for fishmeal and oils that can be used in aquaculture feed. The group expects to receive orders from this customer for further instruments in due course.

This contract is in addition to other contracts for the Group's ISS-based solutions to be delivered in Europe and Asia in 2020, with the Group receiving orders of $8.3 million for this technology in 2019 and 2020. With demand for protein increasing and the need to ensure protein safety and interest in the ISS growing, the group is confident that this amount will be increased in 2021.

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